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The Kerzers orientation school covers the 7th to 9th year of compulsory education. It is divided into four sections that consider the abilities, inclinations and later education of the pupils.

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Around 230 pupils attend the OS Kerzers. The school district of the Kerzers Orientation School is made up of the following municipalities: Ried/Agriswil, Fräschels, Kerzers, Ferenbalm, Gurbrü, Wileroltigen.

Jan Hassler
ICT Officer Orientation School Kerzers

Jan Hassler in Interview.

How has the Kerzers school developed digitally in recent years?

We have certainly been somewhat asleep recently. With the 1:1 equipment this school year, we are now in the process of developing digitally in line with the times.

The school in Kerzers has undergone a cautious digital development lately. With the start of this school year, however, we have taken an important step into the future. With the implementation of the 1:1 concept, where every pupil has his or her own digital device, we are now on the way to becoming a contemporary digital school.


What were the reasons for the decision to use tablets in the school or in the classroom?

The decision to use tablets in the school was made for several reasons. Firstly, tablets are cheaper than traditional computers or laptops, which means that more devices can be made available to the pupils.

In addition, tablets offer user-friendly operation with an intuitive touchscreen interface that is easily accessible to younger students. They require less maintenance and can be used quickly, which increases the efficiency of teaching.

In addition, tablets offer a variety of applications and digital resources that extend the classroom and make learning more interactive. All in all, tablets are a practical and versatile solution to integrate digital technologies into the classroom and prepare students for the demands of the digital world.


How did the collaboration with DQ Solutions come about?

Through our long-standing customer relationship with DQ Solutions, there is a trusting cooperation. We appreciate the expertise and solutions they have provided us with over the years.

«Tablets in school: cost-effective, simple and intuitive to use, easy to maintain, quickly ready for use.»

What role did/do DQ Solutions play at OS Kerzers?

DQ Solutions is our reliable partner for Apple devices and Mobile Device Management (MDM). They play a central role in our technology solutions. DQ Solutions reliably supports us in providing the devices we need and managing them efficiently via the MDM system.

Thanks to the cooperation with DQ Solutions, we receive comprehensive support and professional know-how to ensure that our students are equipped with the right devices and that the technical aspects run smoothly. The close partnership with DQ Solutions ensures that we receive the necessary resources and solutions to successfully implement the digital learning process at the Kerzers Orientation School.


Are services from DQ Solutions also used?

Yes, we have taken out a service subscription. This all-round carefree package offers us a lot of flexibility in solving problems. The service is fast, efficient, and very accessible.

How does DQ Solutions support you in the pedagogical-didactical area? Workshops? Coaching? Webinars?

We do not (unfortunately) use any services in this area yet.


How does OS Kerzers manage the many iPad devices?

We use the MDM system FileWave to manage the iPad devices efficiently. With FileWave, they can be centrally managed, configured and monitored. It provides a user-friendly interface to enforce security policies, install and update applications, and synchronise content and settings. FileWave ensures efficient management of the iPad devices so that we can make the most of them.


Has teaching changed through the use of tablets? Has it become more individual, more exciting, more creative? What new possibilities have opened up?

From my perspective, the iPad is very much appreciated and often used by the staff as well as the students. There is definitely potential in terms of individualisation and creativity. It is our goal to take further steps in this direction.


Does the use of technology change the way we learn and teach?

Certainly not one hundred per cent, but technology is already having a strong influence on everyday school life. But it still depends on the people, especially the teachers, if, how and how often technology is used.

What were or are the challenges for the teachers?

Not everyone was equally tech-savvy, which led to fears and uncertainties. Training and support were necessary to increase teachers' confidence in using technology in the classroom.


Which applications are most commonly used at OS Kerzers?

The Office suite and the Safari browser are among the most used apps. But other apps are also on the rise.


How do the pupils deal with the new possibilities?

Very well. Now and then you have to remind them of the school rules, but on the whole it works very well. The devices are often used successfully in lessons, and it's hard to imagine life without them.


What does the digital future of OS Kerzers look like?

Our goal should be to constantly educate ourselves and to make the best use of the digital possibilities to further improve the quality of our teaching.

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