the safe tablet for kids

The protected way into the digital world for children from the age of 4.
IPad4Kids is more than just an iPad! It is a carefree package for you including an iPad with which your child can safely learn, play and surf. We offer you a child-friendly and safe pre-configured iPad, plus digital advice and technical support. This gives your child the ideal tablet for independent learning, discovery, experimentation, and creativity.

Just get started.

  1. Unpack: The pre-configured iPad 10.2" 256 GB is delivered to your home.
  2. Log in: You log in with the user account - all apps and settings are installed automatically. You download the Jamf Parent app to your smartphone.
  3. Let's go: You are ready for the safe way into the digital world.

The iPad4Kids includes everything for carefree use of the iPad - at an attractive fixed price of CHF 31 per month.

Sale and support online only.

Recommended by teachers.

A large and varied collection of apps is installed on the iPad4Kids, which has been carefully compiled by teachers and our subject experts. All apps have been selected based on Lehrplan 21 for the school levels (cycles 1 to 3). The apps are adapted to the respective school cycle the child is in.

«We want to offer the children a safe iPad with age-appropriate content that they can also use for lessons. The pre-installed apps are perfect for independent learning and discovery. With many apps, children can realise creative projects and, for example, make films, record their own radio plays, make music or draw. This is the best way for them to learn how to use a tablet – even without constant supervision by parents or teachers.»

Nadine Christinger, Apple Professional Learning Trainer at DQ Solutions and trained educator

The carefree package for you.

  • Age-appropriate iPad from 4 to 15 years old
  • Pre-configured restrictions and unlocks
  • Age restrictions and pop-up blocking
  • Integrated filter for inappropriate content
  • Selected apps according to Lehrplan 21
  • Pick-up service in case of repair
  • Free technical support
  • Free webinars
  • Pedagogical support for parents (subject to a fee)

The complete kit for your child.

  • iPad 10.2" Wi-Fi 256 GB Space Grey
  • Power adapter and charging cable
  • Protective cover
  • Apps worth approx. CHF 170.–
  • 200 GB iCloud storage
  • Ready for kindergarten and school

Digital advice and free support.

Technical support (30 min. free of charge)*:

If you have technical questions or need help using your iPad, you will receive free support as an iPad4Kids customer. Simply book an appointment with our support team.

Educational support (CHF 49.– per 30 min.)*:

Our educational support team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the apps and learning content, or about the iPad as a learning companion. Simply book an appointment.

Pick-up claims:

You can report a claim directly in your administration tool (DQ Service Tool: portal.ipad4kids.ch). We will organise the pick-up.

*After that, the hourly rate of CHF 196.– applies.

iPad4Kids webinars – professional and educational support

With a comprehensive range of products for schools, institutes, students and learners, DQ Solutions is a market leader in the education sector. Educational institutions benefit from our many years of experience in ICT projects, from design to implementation and training. Our Apple Learning Specialists all have teaching experience and are very familiar with Apple products in the education sector.

What do the webinars offer?

With iPad4Kids, in addition to a child-friendly iPad, you also receive support in special webinars for parents. Our education specialists and external experts hold webinars on various topics once a month. In addition to tips and tricks on the iPad and the apps, there is also a lot of valuable information on how to use the device. The webinars are free of charge for iPad4Kids subscribers. Other interested parties can also participate for CHF 49 per webinar.

Free webinars for parents:

The safe way into the digital world

How can you make your child's entry into the digital and networked world safe and secure? What are the requirements of schools? What do you need to be aware of? Our Apple Learning Specialists can answer these questions for you. With over 100,000 iPads in use in Swiss educational institutions, DQ Solutions is the leading partner for educational institutions. Benefit from their expertise and register for free.

What do the webinars for parents offer?

  • Monthly webinar on the topic of «Digitality and the Child»
  • Everything parents need to know
  • Tips and tricks for iPad and apps
  • Interactive Q&A session
  • The webinars are free of charge for iPad4Kids customers. All interested parties are welcome to join for CHF 49.– per webinar.

Next webinars (in German only):


19:00 bis 19:45 Uhr

Was ist iPad4Kids? 


19:00 bis 19:45 Uhr

Digitale Weihnachtskarten gestalten

Frequently asked questions.

How much does iPad4Kids cost? Accordion open/close do not match

A one-time tenant's deposit of CHF 50 is due at the beginning of the rental period and will be refunded at the end of the contract. This is subject to any claims by DQ Solutions, which will be offset against the tenant's deposit. iPad4Kids costs CHF 31 per month.

Sale and support online only.

How long is the term of the iPad4Kids subscription? Accordion open/close do not match

The term is 36 months and is extended by a further 12 months without notice from the customer. At the end of the term, you return the iPad and receive a refund of the rental deposit.

Can I cancel my subscription early? Accordion open/close do not match

Ordinary termination is possible subject to a notice period of three months before the end of the contract period. The cancellation must be made in writing by e-mail to: ipad4kids[at]dq-solutions.ch.

What apps are installed on the iPad? Accordion open/close do not match

A large and varied collection of apps is installed on the iPad, which has been carefully compiled by teachers and subject experts. All apps were selected based on Lehrplan 21 for the respective school level (cycles 1 to 3). The apps differ according to the school cycle of the children and can be roughly divided into the following categories:

Basic Storytelling Research
Photography Foreign languages Childcare
Learning Reading Reference
Organising Presenting Producing/creative design
Programming Publishing Researching
Sketching Playing Practising and consolidating
Are the pre-installed apps appropriate for my child's age? Accordion open/close do not match

Yes, we have put together an individual collection of apps for each school cycle of Lehrplan 21. We will inform you of a cycle change in advance by e-mail. At the time of the change, some apps will be uninstalled on the iPad and others reinstalled. If desired, a cycle change can also be postponed by one year.

Can I download other apps to iPad4Kids? Accordion open/close do not match

To download other apps to the iPad, you need your own Apple ID. You can find instructions here: support.apple.com

I have several children of school age. Do I need more than one iPad4Kids? Accordion open/close do not match

The pre-installed apps on the iPad are geared towards the child's school cycle. Many apps also save your child's learning progress. For optimal use of the iPad, we therefore recommend that each child has their own iPad.

How are the devices managed? Accordion open/close do not match

With the software Jamf (Mobile Device Management) we can manage the devices directly from our location. This includes, for example, defining restrictions, deploying apps and running updates. Thanks to this software, the iPad is delivered in its original packaging and is ready for use in just a few steps.

With the Jamf Parent app, parents can adjust various settings individually to the child's needs, such as screen time. The app is available for iOS and Android.

Does DQ Solutions have access to the data on my child's iPad? Accordion open/close do not match

Your privacy is secure at all times. Via Mobile Device Management, DQ Solutions can only view the following information:

  • Installed apps
  • Available storage space
  • IP address
  • Whether or not a password has been set

It is not possible for us or third parties …

  • … retrieve the location of the device unnoticed (only in the event of theft or loss).
  • … view contents on the iPad (documents, pictures, etc.).
  • … track the browsing history.
What data is collected? Accordion open/close do not match

If you require any further assistance about data protection, please contact datenschutz[at]dq-solutions.ch or consult: www.dq-solutions.ch/ueberuns/datenschutz.

DQ Solutions employees cannot see any content on the iPad at any time (e.g. photos, contacts, etc.). Only the data of the following applications are visible to DQ Solutions:

JamfPro  DQ Service Tool  Apple School Manager  App Provider Webshop, ERP DQ Solutions 
Data collection The Mobile Device Management System JamfPro is used for: Uniform settings Blocking of undesirable Internet sites Device management Serves DQ Solutions to manage the devices. Managed AppleIDs are created in the Apple School Manager. This AppleID can be used to install apps and make use of the 200 GB of storage space. In order to function properly, some apps require information from the device/user. This varies depending on the app. By using an app, you agree to the respective terms and conditions. Provision of the service (accounting, delivery, repair, etc.)
Stored data (tenant) none Name, first name
E-mail address
E-mail address none Name, first name
E-mail address
optional phone number
Stored data (child) Username
Last name, first name
E-mail address (AppleID, managed and offered by DQ, via Apple School Manager)
Name, first name
School year
School class
Name, first name
E-mail address (AppleID)
App dependent none
Device data Device name
Serial number
Last time online
Rolled out on
Current version of iPadOS
Optional geodata (only if the device is in lost mode)
IP address
Existing apps
Serial number Serial number App dependent Serial number
Location Data processing DE  CH USA CH, EU, USA CH
What repair services are covered with iPad4Kids? Accordion open/close do not match

Hardware repairs due to material and manufacturing defects are covered. In the event of unforeseen and sudden damage or destruction as a result of external impact, a handling fee will be charged.

My iPad has been stolen. What do I have to do? Accordion open/close do not match

A theft must be reported to the relevant police station and reported to DQ Solutions so that we can lock the iPad. A copy of the police report must also be uploaded to the Service Tool with the damage report.

What accessories are available for iPad4Kids? Accordion open/close do not match

iPad4Kids is functional with the accessories included in the scope of delivery. However, a keyboard or stylus can be purchased additionally to extend the functionality. You can find suitable accessories for the iPad4Kids here: store.dq-solutions.ch