Tipp mal – Speech comprehension diagnostics.


Tipp mal tests semantic and syntactic skills from simple nouns to plural functions and conjugations in around 70 questions. From situation-independent word comprehension to sentence order and cross-sentence language comprehension.

Didactic advice and teaching ideas.

Use of language.

In addition to information on language comprehension, you will receive tips on how you can use your own language in everyday life so that your child understands you better.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication. 

Get tips on choosing suitable communication aids, such as the necessary grammatical functions.

Support options.

If you know what your child understands, you can optimise your speech therapy and support to suit their abilities.

Test subjects.

Carry out Tipp mal primarily with children, but also with adults. Tipp mal is particularly suitable for people who need supported communication.


Tipp mal can be carried out with almost all groups of people. Ongoing checks can be interrupted at any time and continued at a later date.


The results of a test can be exchanged or archived with the help of four different protocols. From a quick overview in the speech comprehension profile to a detailed protocol with UK notes, protocols are quickly created with Tipp mal and can be sent by e-mail or printed out, for example.

Pros and cons.


  • Numerous cards to check the use of language.
  • Ideal for individual support and guidance.


  • High price, certainly justified for individual support and therapy.