Back in Time.



What were the decisive moments in the history of mankind, of life, of the universe itself? Back in Time is an interactive, multimedia journey through these moments.

An imaginary clock guides you through this journey with a simple analogy: the universe began 24 hours ago.

The Big Bang, the source of time and space, is the first event on our journey - the clock shows 0.00 o'clock. Today, 13.7 billion years later, the clock reads midnight. In between lies a series of key events that have brought us to where we are today. Explore them, categorise them, see how they are connected, understand the consequences and ask yourself what if…?

Didactic advice and teaching ideas.

To understand history, you have to recognise time periods, among other things. The imagination (not only) of pupils is hardly sufficient to understand space and time. This animated iBook provides the teacher with a tool that helps to visualise the depths of time. This tool can be specifically integrated into a wide range of teaching contexts.

Then create your own timeline through the school. Determine the milestones of the story together with the learners. The milestones are worked on in a project in a freely selectable social form. Each milestone is assigned a place in the school building. A timeline picks up the visitor at the entrance, leads them past the milestones, and releases them into the future at the exit door. Finally, the work can be summarised in a separate iBook.

Useful link with the Timeline Eons, Time Machine and Book Creator apps.

Pros and cons.


  • A beautifully presented animated iBook


  • Too text-heavy in some places