1. The Mac is user-friendly.

The user-friendliness of the Mac is proverbial. And anyone who has already worked with an iPhone or iPad will immediately find their way around the Mac's intuitive user interface – without the need for thick manuals. Existing teaching materials can be easily migrated from the old computer to the new Mac, and connecting peripheral devices (printer, monitor) is child's play – missing drivers are a problem of the past.

6. The Mac is stable and secure.

Apple devices are far less vulnerable to malware and viruses than other operating systems due to the close integration of hardware and software. Stored data is automatically encrypted, and new apps are checked for known security problems before they are run. And thanks to the excellent symbiosis of hardware and software, the maintenance effort is reduced to a minimum.

2. The Mac awakens the creative potential in you.

The on-board creative and productive apps such as Pages, Numbers, Keynote, GarageBand or iMovie are intuitive to use and enable every user to produce professional-looking documents and media thanks to the integrated templates. And those who want more are sure to find their personal favorite creative app among more than 100,000 apps in the «Education» category of the App Store.

7. The Mac offers software and hardware from a single source.

Apple offers a complete ecosystem of hardware, apps, and services for education. High-quality end devices combined with macOS, the modern operating system, and specially developed apps make the Mac a powerful and reliable companion for teachers. This is especially true for the mobile devices, which are ready for use within seconds and last a whole working day thanks to the extremely long battery life.

3. The Mac combines the best of both worlds.

Microsoft Office programs (PowerPoint, Excel, Word) also work flawlessly on the Mac. For teachers, this means that they can continue to work in their familiar environment and use existing teaching materials 1:1 on the Mac. Conversely, documents created on the Mac can be exported into various standardized file formats and thus easily shared with other colleagues. And if need be, a Mac can also run Windows.

8. The Mac has a high-value retention.

Thanks to the high-quality hardware that looks good even after years of use and the long up-to-dateness through software updates, Apple devices have a comparatively low depreciation – and this benefits you when you buy a new Mac: with Apple Trade In you can exchange your old device for a credit for a new one – and thus save cash.

4. The Mac helps you work flexibly.

The tools of the Apple platform work perfectly together and allow you comprehensive mobile productivity: No matter where you are and which Apple device you are currently using – all files are always up-to-date and can be supplemented or revised at any time – in spare time, on the road or from home. The Mac helps you to complete your daily tasks more easily and flexibly.

9. The Mac is sustainable.

The materials used in the new MacBook Air and its manufacturing process are designed with sustainability in mind: The enclosure is made from 100% recycled aluminum to minimize its environmental impact – without compromising on quality. Because the longer the device is used, the better it is for the planet. And old, no longer functional devices are recycled free of charge to minimize the amount of raw materials mined.

5. The Mac simplifies collaboration.

With Airdrop, you can easily share large documents, photos, videos, and web pages wirelessly with other Apple devices in the area. With cloud syncing, all documents are available on all devices at all times and can be shared with other users using the Collaboration feature to work together in real time on common classroom projects.

10. Data protection is a top priority on the Mac.

Apple attaches great importance to data protection and the privacy of its customers – which is a significant factor, especially in the school environment! The corresponding technology is already incorporated into the development of the devices and is continuously being further developed. Apple focuses above all on data economy, anonymization, and encryption: the Safari web browser, for example, prevents user data from being passed on across several websites, thus making it more difficult to create personalized user profiles.

Switching from Windows to the Mac M1, M2 or M3: A teacher reports on his experience.

Digitalisation poses major challenges not only for parents and children. Teachers are also expected to work with the latest technologies and teaching methods.

Children have a lot of imagination. They want to be taught creatively and productively. Our experience has shown that they like the intuitive and simple operation when working with Apple devices. But what does this mean for teachers working with Windows?

We spoke to T. R., a teacher from Zürich:

Why did you choose a Mac?

I decided against buying Apple products for a long time for cost reasons. However, more and more of my friends and family have switched from Windows to Mac, and they have all raved about how efficiently they can work with their Apple products. So it was time for me to get to the bottom of this myth.

Productivity, efficiency and compatibility are also a priority for me. I thought switching from Windows to Mac would be complicated and take a lot of time. But the most important applications, such as Microsoft 365, work in the same way on both computers. I also have to admit that I greatly underestimated the performance. I enlisted the help of DQ Solutions for the data transfer and for setting up the most important basic functions. To put it simply, the changeover was no problem at all.

How has a Mac changed your working day?

The screen resolution is an important criterion for me as a wearer of glasses. If I sit in front of the device all day, I tire less quickly on the Mac. I also work a lot faster and more efficiently. I prepare my lessons at home on my iMac and then use the cloud function to transfer all the data to my MacBook Air or directly to the children's work devices. This saves additional time and effort. There are no more limits to creativity. The children and I have a lot of fun in class.

What our customers say:

Exceptional performance, long battery life, no problems with existing software.

«My experiences with the new M1 chip from Apple are convincing: exceptional performance, a long battery life and – thanks to Rosetta 2 – no problems with existing software. Let me give you an example: My 10-year-old Mac Pro took 2.5 hours to calculate in Adobe Photoshop. My new Mac mini M1 needs less than 2.5 minutes for the same task! In addition, the new M1 models have a price advantage over the Intel models, which means that the existing budget can be better utilised. I am also switching my Macs to M1 in my private life – and my family is delighted.»
Rainer Egle, Mac-Support University of Zurich

The 13-inch MacBook Pro M1 certainly achieves the performance of existing 16-inch models with Intel processors.

«If possible, new purchases will include Macs with M1 processors in the future. Probably 13" MacBook Pro and MacBook Air with M1. The advantage is clearly that the current 13" MacBook Pro M1s achieve the same performance as the existing 16" models with Intel processors. There is a test run at BFH Bern in which existing Mac Pro desktops with Intel processors are being replaced by the new Mac mini M1s because they are now compelling.»
Olaf Prinz, Team Leader Workspace Services BFH Bern

Most users can switch to a Mac with M1, M2 or M3 without hesitation.

«32 of the 50 devices purchased are already in use at the ZHdK. The ZHdK has no reservations whatsoever about the new Macs with Apple Silicon because they are completely unproblematic in day-to-day operation. The new devices impress with their good performance, long battery life, etc. Most users can therefore switch to a Mac with M1, M2 or M3 without hesitation.»
Tilo Seiring, ITZ ZHdK Zurich

I am delighted with the Apple Silicon devices.

«We currently have 30 MacBook Air M1s in use. I am delighted with the new Apple Silicon devices - especially the battery life and the lack of noise. The changeover to the devices with the new processors was largely problem-free because the school had already ensured in advance that the software portfolio was up-to-date. We mainly use the Office programs and Archicad. Archicad is currently still running under Rosetta 2, which is roughly comparable to running it on a Mac with Intel.»
Marco Frei, Upper school Nänikon-Greifensee

Mac M1, M2 and M3 webinars in the classroom.

Digitalisation poses major challenges for educational institutions. Teachers are required to work with the latest technologies and teaching methods. We show you how to work with a Mac in the classroom, the seamless interaction between Mac and iPad and how the new Mac is changing teaching and learning.

There are currently no webinars available …

Frequently asked questions.

With its flat and compact design, the 24" iMac is ideal for use in schools. Multiple users can work with it and the Magic Keyboard with Touch ID enables quick user switching so that all users have fingerprint access to their personal desktop. The 4.5K Retina display is perfectly designed for everyday school life and offers the best camera, microphones and speakers ever built into a Mac. This also makes the 24-inch iMac ideal for video calls. With the M3 chip, the 24-inch iMac can handle even the most demanding tasks. It wakes up quickly from sleep mode and apps also start and work at top speed.

What particular advantages does the new 24" iMac with M3 chip offer in the education sector?zuklappen

The iMac and iPad complement each other well. With functions such as AirDrop, Handoff and the universal clipboard, all users can start their work on the iPad and continue it later on the iMac. Even iPhone apps can be run on the iMac and iPad.

How do the iMac and the iPad complement each other?zuklappen

Thanks to M1, M2 or M3 and macOS Sonoma, the deep integration of hardware and software enables even more performance for everyday tasks such as surfing the web or running professional applications.

What are the advantages of the M1/M2/M3 chip and macOS Sonoma compared to Windows and Intel?zugeklappt

Important details.

Performance per watt refers to the amount of power a chip can deliver with a given amount of current. The M1 offers the world's best CPU performance per watt. It can deliver up to 2x the CPU performance of the latest PC laptop chip at a given power of 10 watts. M1 can also deliver the peak CPU performance of the PC chip while consuming only a quarter of the power.* This means that the M1 chips also achieve great battery life in the Mac notebooks.

What does power per watt mean and why is it important?zuklappen

The M1/M2/M3 chip features the Apple Unified Memory Architecture. The M1/M2/M3 combines its memory with high bandwidth and low latency in a single pool within its own housing. This allows all technologies in the SoC (System on a Chip) to access the same data without having to copy it between multiple memory pools. This greatly improves performance and energy efficiency.

What is unified memory?zuklappen

Yes. M1/M2/M3 uses the same advanced ISP technology as iPhone 15, enabling improved image processing for higher video quality with better noise reduction, wider dynamic range and improved auto white balance on the built-in FaceTime HD camera in MacBook Air and 14-inch MacBook Pro. So your FaceTime calls look even better.

Do you use the same ISP technology as in the new iPhone 15?zuklappen

*Tests conducted by Apple in October 2020 using pre-production systems of the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Apple M1 chip and 16GB RAM. Performance was measured against selected industry-standard benchmarks and compared to laptops commercially available at the time of testing. The performance tests were conducted with specific computer systems and reflect the approximate performance of the MacBook Pro.

Setup and compatibility.

With the Migration Assistant, you can easily transfer your content to a Mac model with M1, M2 or M3 and create a backup copy of the system with Time Machine – the same as with a Mac model with an Intel processor. For Mac models with M1, M2 or M3, Time Machine only backs up the user content, which further simplifies the restore process.

How can I transfer content from my current Mac to a Mac model with M1, M2 or M3?zugeklappen

Die USB-C-Anschlüsse im neuen MacBook Air, MacBook Pro und Mac mini unterstützen sowohl Thunderbolt 3 als auch den neuen USB-4-Standard.

Unterstützen die neuen Mac-Modelle mit M1, M2 oder M3 Thunderbolt und USB 4?zugeklappen

Mac models with M1/M2/M3 do not support eGPUs. M1 has the most advanced graphics processor Apple has ever built, delivering up to 6x faster graphics. It is the world's fastest integrated graphics in a personal computer.*

Do the new Mac models with M1/M2/M3 support eGPUs?zugeklappen

*Testing conducted by Apple in October 2020 using pre-production 13-inch MacBook Pro systems with M1 chip and 16GB of RAM. Performance was measured using selected industry-standard benchmarks and compared to the highest-performing integrated GPUs for notebooks and desktops commercially available at the time of testing. An integrated GPU is defined as a GPU on a monolithic silicon chip with a CPU and a memory controller behind a unified memory subsystem. Performance tests were conducted with specific computer systems and reflect the approximate performance of the MacBook Pro.


Developers are excited about the switch to M1, M2 or M3 and are creating native apps for it. With the combination of M1/M2/M3 and macOS Sonoma, these apps run faster than ever before. Even your favourite apps from Adobe and Microsoft are already adapted or run faster than ever with Rosetta 2 – including apps with plug-ins. Apple is working hard with developers to update more apps to run on Mac models with M1/M2/M3.

Will apps be updated by developers to run on the new Mac models with M1, M2 or M3?zuklappen

The performance is generally better than that of Mac models with Intel processors. Some graphics-intensive applications run much faster thanks to a combination of metal and the graphics performance of the M1/M2/M3 chip.

Will professional apps with Rosetta 2 run as fast on Mac models with M1/M2/M3 as they do natively on Mac models with Intel processors?zuklappen

Yes, Microsoft Office apps run natively on the Apple M1/M2/M3 chip.

Does Microsoft 365 support the new M1/M2/M3 chip?zuklappen

Yes, according to an official announcement by Parallels Desktop publisher Corel, the new version of the software on Mac models with M1 offers a whopping performance boost of around 30% compared to Mac models with Intel CPUs. Power consumption is also around 250% lower.

Can Windows 10 also be installed on a Mac with an M1/M2/M3 chip?zuklappen

Partly yes. iPad apps are also being added all the time.

Will my existing iPad apps also run on the M1/M2/M3?zuklappen

Mac Catalyst apps are new Mac-only apps designed by developers for use on Mac models with Intel processors or M1/M2/M3 chips. Running unmodified iPhone and iPad apps is a feature of Mac models with M1/M2/M3.

Are iPhone and iPad apps on the Mac the same as Mac Catalyst apps?zuklappen

No. But one advantage of the common silicon architecture for all Apple products is that Mac Catalyst makes it easier for developers to make their iPhone and iPad apps available on Mac models with an Intel processor.

Will iPhone and iPad apps run on Mac models with an Intel processor?zuklappen

Choosing the right Mac.

A laptop can be used as a central workstation at home or in the classroom, while the iPad serves as a mobile supplement.

Do I need a laptop if I already have an iPad?zuklappen

Continuity makes it seamless to move between your Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. These are the hardware and software requirements for each Continuity feature.

Learn more here.

Can I share data with my iPad?zuklappen

The battery runs for up to 17 hours.

How long does the battery last?zuklappen

Yes, up to a resolution of 6K.

Can I connect an external display?zuklappen

Mail, Notes, FaceTime, Pages, Keynote, Numbers, GarageBand, iMovie and much more.

What software is supplied?zuklappen