MatheWiki – Mathe Hilfe.



The app «MathsWiki – Mathe Hilfe» is a comprehensive collection of formulae that also offers a number of exercises on the topics.

The app is largely similar to other well-known formula apps. You click through to the desired topic via a directory and then receive an understandable and clearly designed explanation.

In addition to the explanations, there are also some tasks for the individual contents, for which you can of course also call up a solution.

Here is the description of the app by the manufacturer:

«Our MatheWiki offers numerous maths exercises and articles that are helpful for better understanding maths basics from Year 7 onwards. The app is also suitable for preparing for the intermediate school leaving certificate (MSA) and the Abitur in maths.»

Didactic advice and teaching ideas.

MatheWiki has many explanations of important maths topics, which are described in detail. In addition to the explanations, there are examples and many exercises with solutions. Learn, repeat or practise maths anytime and anywhere with our wiki or encyclopaedia of mathematics.

The following topics are already included:

Calculation types/calculation laws

• Basic arithmetic operations and arithmetic laws
• Fractional calculation
• Percentage calculation, interest calculation
• Calculating with brackets
• Power and root calculation
• Logarithm calculation


• Formulary
• Pythagorean theorem group
• Trigonometry


• Fractional equations
• Linear equations
• Quadratic equations
• Linear systems of equations
• Solving equations


• Linear functions
• Quadratic functions
• Sine and cosine functions
• Exponential functions
• Growth processes
• Real functions
• Fractional rational functions
• Function sets
• e-functions


• Random experiments and events
• Probability
• Probability calculation
• Statistics

Differential calculus

• Derivation and differentiability
• Derivation rules
• Applying the derivation
• Curve discussion
• Applying differential calculus

Integral calculus

• Indefinite integrals
• Integration rules
• Certain integrals
• Area calculation with integrals


The universal app «MathsWiki – Mathe Hilfe» is a very interesting, if not quite cheap, replacement for the usual printed version. The operation works as usual, the explanations are good. All in all, an absolutely recommendable app!

Pros and cons.


  • Basic functions and some tasks free of charge
  • Formulary linked to similar topics


  • The tasks and all areas must be unlocked with an in-app purchase.