The app "Ridit" helps people with dyslexia and other reading problems to better grasp texts. With Ridit, texts can be scanned in using a camera. These are recognised and then displayed in a special format. In addition, the app comes with some dyslexia-friendly fonts and makes it possible to adjust contrast, text size and reading speed to one's own needs. With the help of buttons, the reading speed can also be adjusted manually. The setting options allow the reading speed to be controlled and thus improved in a targeted manner.

Handwritten documents can also be scanned in, but these could not be converted into text satisfactorily in the test. Printed texts, on the other hand, work very well.

Conclusion: Ridit is a help for people with reading difficulties to improve their reading skills. Besides, the app is also a good scanner with text recognition (without handwriting) and that completely free of charge.

Didactic advice and teaching ideas.

The app is also a tip for good readers. Since the texts have to be scanned into the app in order to be displayed in one of the special fonts, the app can also be used as a scanner for text recognition. Quickly scan a text from the textbook, mark it and copy it, and the recognised text can easily be used in Word, for example.

In the first classes – when learning to read – the app can be used well for longer texts.

Pros and cons.


  • Free of charge
  • good scanner for printed texts
  • copy/paste own texts
  • dyslexic-friendly fonts and single-word speed


  • Handwriting is not recognised correctly