Self-directed learning is at the center.

A success story from Allschwil.

Primary school in Allschwil is characterized by a holistic education that focuses on self-directed, sustainable learning. We do this with foresight and with the involvement of all stakeholders.

In the last five years, our tablet lending system has expanded from 62 devices to around 1200.

Processes and filing systems have been digitized.

Jan Bussmann
Head of PICTS
Elementary school Allschwil

An interview with Jan Bussmann.

How has elementary school Allschwil developed digitally in recent years?

Over the past five years, our tablet lending system has expanded from 62 devices to around 1200. Processes and filing systems have been digitized, while M&I is now firmly anchored as a compulsory subject in the timetable.

What were the reasons for the decision to use tablets at school or in lessons?

Tablets, especially Apple iPads, offer a wide range of possible uses. They are also handy, very mobile and the price-performance ratio is right. The apps are very low-threshold and can be easily implemented.

«The door to learning opens from the inside.»

How did the collaboration with DQ Solutions come about?

DQ Solutions has been present in our region for years and has been with us from the very beginning. DQ Solutions is particularly well known in the Basel region when it comes to purchasing Apple products. DQ Solutions has always been the right provider for us when it comes to tenders and purchases, but also especially when it comes to supporting the educational use of devices. This has resulted in a long-standing collaboration.

What role did/is DQ Solutions playing in the Allschwil elementary school?

The wide range of services offered by the eduPackage gives us as a school the opportunity to choose exactly what we need. The offer ranges from workshops on teaching materials to personalized consultation hours. From my point of view, I feel excellently supported as a school and DQ Solutions is very flexible. Especially as the largest school in the canton, it is important that we can organize further training together with a suitable partner and quickly find solutions on the technical side.


Do you also use services from DQ Solutions?

We have handed over all technical support to DQ Solutions. This helps us to focus completely on teaching. We also use the eduPackage.

How does DQ Solutions support you in the pedagogical-didactic area? Workshops? Coaching? Webinars?

The package we have booked gives us access to webinars, telephone support (coaching) and we can offer further training together on a larger scale.


How does the Allschwil elementary school manage the numerous iPads? Is an MDM used?

We use Jamf School and Jamf Safe Internet to manage the tablets.

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