Architektur and CAD Software

Our architecture team will advise you competently on the right Vectorworks CAD and DELTAproject project management and construction administration licenses as well as the hardware and graphics needs. As there are many different licenses and the range can be confusing, we do not present the individual products and ask you to contact our architecture team directly. Save a lot of money with personal advice on the right hardware and software!

The price of the licenses depends on the use case, including how many computers or licenses you already own. Students and prospective architecture firms, i.e. young entrepreneurs and architecture firms with many workstations, for example, receive cheaper licenses.


Project Management

Building Administration

DELTAproject DELTAdevis
DELTAcontrol DELTAbaucost
DELTAfaktura DELTAbauad (Paket mit DELTAdevis und DELTAbaucost)
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