School Brienz.

The colourful school.

The municipality of Brienz has approximately 3000 inhabitants. The school, with its 370 pupils, is a medium-sized integrative school that also attaches great importance to special settings. The secondary school building, which was built in 1903 and was considerable for its time, was renovated a good three years ago. Thanks to this farsightedness, the growing number of pupils can now be accommodated without any problems.

Digital for 20 years.

Even though the school building is over 100 years old, the digital transformation began 20 years ago with the first IT room. For a good 5 years now, iPads have been used from grade 5 onwards in 1:1 lessons, a total of about 250.

MDM as a management tool.

The municipality has its own IT department that uses, hosts and manages MDM itself.

The iPad in the classroom.

Due to its uncomplicated handling, the iPad can be used in many ways in class. The pupils get to grips with it straight away. Laptop trolleys are a thing of the past at the Brienz school because the iPad replaces them completely.

Why DQ Solutions?


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Melchior Zingg

ICT Manager