This by Tinrocket.



With the app «This by Tinrocket», photos can be quickly and easily provided with descriptions, annotations or markings.

The app is operated largely with the finger. A new marker is created with a tap of the finger and then labelled using the keyboard that appears. To replace the tip of the marker arrow with another of the seven designs provided, simply tap the stroke of the marker repeatedly until the desired look appears. Marks and labels can also be moved with the finger. To do this, grab the desired marker with your finger and drag it to the desired position without much waiting time. 

In addition to the usual export functions, the images created in this way can of course also be saved in the Photos app or sent by e-mail.

Didactic advice and teaching ideas.

In language lessons, LPs or students can quickly create photos and label them with the appropriate terms.

Although this is also possible with most other programmes, the application is very quick and intuitive

Pros and cons.


  • Very fast and intuitive
  • Images can be annotated immediately.
  • Export


  • This can also be done in other programmes, so it is not absolutely necessary, but very practical.