School Flims.

Open, eager to learn, exciting, innovative and full of life.

The community of Flims has about 3000 inhabitants. Around 250 nursery, primary and upper school pupils currently attend the school. The educational campus is located in the middle of the beautiful tourist community. It consists of the Surmir school building for primary and upper school with a triple gymnasium, as well as the Scoletta, which opened in 2015 and offers a day structure and lunch.

Digital since 1994.

The history of new media began at the Flims school in 1994, when 10 laptops were purchased and, as a consequence, one hour of IT lessons were offered for the third grade. In 2017, a working group was formed and tasked with developing a media and IT concept, considering Lehrplan 21. Today, around 230 iPads and 80 MacBooks are in use.

MDM as an administration tool.

The Flims school uses an MDM for administration. This is the best solution to efficiently and easily distribute profiles, apps and digital books and to manage the iPads and MacBooks.

The iPad in the classroom.

The advantages of tablets or iPads are obvious. The devices are compact, light, and easy to maintain. They are versatile, flexible to use, very fast and extremely reliable. So you don't lose valuable teaching time.

Why DQ Solutions?


«For all matters concerning iPads, MacBooks and MDM, DQ Solutions supports us as a reliable partner. With their technical and pedagogical support, they have an all-round satisfactory offer for us, and we look forward to further cooperation.»

Pascal Streiff

ICT Manager