Stop Motion Studio Pro.


Stop Motion Studio is a powerful, full-featured animation software with numerous functions. 

Important components are «onion skinning» for the exact placement of the figures and «fade in grid».

In addition, the Pro version allows you to add a title and credits to the app as well as an audio background.

This means that a complete stop-motion animation film can be created with the app without having to edit it in another app.

Didactic advice and teaching ideas.

  • A simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Blending mode that shows the differences between images.
  • Grid mode for easy positioning of animated objects.
  • Copy, paste, cut and paste images.
  • Film editor with frame-by-frame preview.
  • Timeline to quickly find a scene.
  • Choose from a variety of unique titles, credits and text cards or create your own with the built-in editor.
  • Give your film the perfect look with a variety of video filters.
  • Enhance your film with different foregrounds, backgrounds, aspect ratios and transition effects.
  • Create your film score with built-in music and audio effects, songs from your own music library and even your own voiceovers.
  • Rotoscope: Import video clips and create stunning animations.
  • Greenscreen: Change the background of your scene or make your characters fly.
  • Record with adjustable time interval.
  • Add text and speech bubbles or create opening and closing credits.
  • Add LEGO® character facial expressions.
  • Edit and paint pictures.
  • Remove unwanted objects with the eraser.
  • Merge pictures to simulate fast movements.

Pros and cons.


  • Complete animation can be created in one application
  • Audio, greenscreen, title integrated
  • Many functions


  • CHF 6.– for the Pro Version