DeutschWiki – Deutsch Hilfe.


The app «DeutschWiki – Deutsch Hilfe» combines a reference work with suitable exercises for learning content from Year 7 onwards.

The contents themselves are clearly organised according to the relevant topics, the explanations themselves are kept short and simple and are supported by pictures. Particularly important information is highlighted in colour.

All explanations are included in the free version of the app, so it is worth downloading the app for this reason alone. 

Here is the description of the app by the manufacturer:

«Our German Wiki is both a textbook and a lexicon for the German language and the subject German.»

Didactic advice and teaching ideas.

DeutschWiki is suitable for

  • Pupils
    - specially tailored and curriculum-compliant content
    - preparation for the school-leaving examination
  • German as a foreign language
    - Basics of the German language: grammar, spelling, punctuation etc.
  • Native speakers
    - Look up grammatical rules

The following functions are included in DeutschWiki:

• Mobile and compact reference book in German
• Glossary from A-Z with the most important terms
• many basics from grade 5
• Ideal for learning, looking up and practising
• Simple and detailed explanations with many examples for better understanding
• Clear structure with subtopics
• Search function

Subject areas

Word types
• Noun
• Verbs
• Adjectives
• Article
• Pronouns
• Prepositions
• Conjunctions
• Adverbs
• Numerals


• Present tense
• Past tense
• Perfect
• Past perfect
• Future tense I
• Future tense II
• Participle

Sentence elements

• Subject, predicate
• Objects
• Adverbial clauses


• Sentence structure
• Subordinate clauses
• Series of sentences, sentence structure


• Upper and lower case
• Punctuation
• Separate/together
• Syllables
• Hyphen


• Poems
• Short stories
• Ballads
• Dramas
• Narrative perspectives


• Poem analysis
• Characterisation
• Statement
• Application
• Presentation


• Cite
• References
• Reading techniques


• Rhetorical means
• Communication
• Communication models
• Mode


• Overview
• Clarification

Pros and cons.


  • free of charge
  • extensive
  • Digital reference book
  • Exercises


  • Offline mode and tasks from level 2 must be unlocked via in-app purchase.