Fleeing the Holocaust.


The app «Fleeing the Holocaust. My encounter with refugees» provides access to these historical experiences through the medium of film. It can be used in lessons, in youth work or individually. An informative handbook is available for teachers. The app enables individualised learning: young people select a person, delve into individual aspects that interest them, and create a personal album of their encounter. By sharing these results with others and/or exchanging them in class, they learn from each other.

They learn to link memories with historical documents and to analyse both sources critically.

Didactic advice and teaching ideas.

The young people watch a video interview lasting around 20 minutes. The narrative is accompanied by short explanations and is divided into four aspects. The young people select two aspects that they would like to explore in more depth. After watching the film, this leads them to documents and further information that they can use to make sense of the interview and formulate their own thoughts on it.

The young people's engagement with the video interview and the documents is recorded in a personal album. At the end of their work, after about two hours, the young people send their document to a person of their choice, and in the class group also to their teacher. This gives them an album that also serves as the basis for a joint evaluation and exchange of ideas.

Pros and cons.


  • History becomes tangible through videos of contemporary witnesses 
  • Is easy to operate
  • Dispenses with unnecessary distractions and concentrates entirely on the fate of the characters presented.
  • Rating – highly recommended!