LightX Remove background.


LightX is an image editing application that allows you to cut out objects, remove and change backgrounds, create shapes, change hair colours, apply colour splash and double exposure effects and blur images.

It is also possible to place text on images and create your own memos.

All advanced image editing tools such as colour mixing, curves, layers and vignette effects are available. Brightness, contrast, exposure, tonal value, saturation, shadows and highlights can be adjusted. Filters such as vintage, retro, drama, black and white and grunge are also included.

Didactic advice and teaching ideas.

The app has numerous functions and effects for editing photos.

The option of mixing different images to create photomontages is particularly interesting.

Pros and cons.


  • Many professional tools
  • Simple tools such as a lasso for cutting out objects
  • Text and paint functions


  • Price