Visionary Leadership Workshop.

An Apple Authorized Professional Learning Specialist guides senior education staff through the planning and implementation of iPads and/or Mac computers.

Workshop for managers.

The content of this workshop is intended for schools that are already using Apple technology and would like to use it more intensively for planning and implementation. Ideally, schools should be represented by the principal, a leader responsible for curriculum, and a leader responsible for implementing technology.

Best practices serve as the basis for this.

Participants will learn how technology impacts the teaching and learning experience - and how it can be used to engage learners in today's environment. They will learn all the steps and resources needed to turn a vision into reality. A multi-day workshop includes additional resources and topics around leadership, support, and follow-up.

  • Examination of best practice examples
  • Assess the current status with regard to the implementation of technology in a school, community, or district
  • Create an action plan with targeted steps for efficient implementation of technology throughout the facility
  • Become familiar with key resources for iPad and/or Mac implementation.