Human Anatomy 4D-Mixed Reality.


Human Anatomy 4d-Mixed Reality is a new virtual/augmented reality application. 

A human body is displayed in the room you are currently in. You can walk around this virtual body with the iPad.

Different levels are available, and the individual body parts can be pushed out of the body with the finger and viewed individually.

Didactic advice and teaching ideas.

In anatomy lessons, this app helps with the orientation of organs and body systems in the human body.

The ability to move spatially around the body is particularly fascinating.

In particular, the fact that the systems (e.g. the digestive system) are removed from the body as a whole is an interesting educational approach. The layers in which several bodies are created one after the other are great. The first is complete, then a body showing the nervous system, the next the skeleton and so on. 

This allows you to move around the room along the different layers.

Pros and cons.


  • Free of charge
  • Excellent due to spatial representation
  • System is displayed coherently


  • in English only