Comprehensive security in the smart home.

Protection through modern technology.

Home security is enhanced by advanced smart home technologies that offer round-the-clock protection through surveillance cameras, motion detectors and alarm systems.

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1-11 of 11 Products

Maximum security through smart home technologies.

In an increasingly networked world, home security is a key concern. Smart home security systems offer comprehensive solutions that maximize protection through a combination of state-of-the-art technology and ease of use.

Early warning systems with intelligent smoke detectors.

Intelligent smoke detectors are indispensable components of a security system. They are directly networked with other security elements to trigger alarms immediately in the event of smoke and at the same time inform residents via their smartphone, enabling a rapid response even when they are away.

Proactive protection with motion detectors.

By monitoring all activities around the house, motion detectors effectively complement the security system. They send real-time notifications directly to mobile devices and, in conjunction with cameras, can provide immediate image recordings for a better assessment of the situation.

Complete control with indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras.

Cameras play a key role in monitoring indoor and outdoor areas. They offer high-resolution live streams and recording functions that can be accessed from anywhere in the world and ensure seamless surveillance around the clock.

Security at every access point thanks to contact sensors.

Contact sensors on doors and windows provide an immediate alarm in the event of unauthorized opening and integrate seamlessly into the overall security system. They are simple but effective means of securing access points.

Secure communication with visitors using modern door intercom systems.

Door intercom systems make it possible to communicate securely with visitors before they are granted access. Many models integrate video surveillance, which enables visual identification of the person at the door and provides additional security.

By integrating these smart home security products, not only can protection be improved, but a new level of convenience and control can be achieved. Investing in advanced security technology transforms the home into a safe haven.