With SWICO as an innovative partner
for our environment.

Together for the planet means together for humans.

Recycling is demonstrably eight times more environmentally friendly than the extraction of new raw materials. That is why we make every effort to make recyclable and renewable materials available for new use through the circular economy.

Get involved.

Many small things make a big difference to our planet and every item counts.

Recycle your discarded or defective IT electrical equipment now free of charge at a DQ Solutions branch and make a significant contribution to ensuring that raw materials such as gold or copper from old cables or circuit boards can be reused sustainably and that other materials are disposed of professionally and in the most environmentally friendly way possible.


Make sure your data is protected.

Electronic devices, especially computers, tablets and smartphones, contain a lot of personal data that should not fall into the hands of unauthorised persons.


Data security is increased if you carry out a complete erasure before handing over your device. An alternative solution would be targeted data destruction by DQ Solutions.

You can place an order for this at any DQ Solutions store.