Efficient energy management.

Optimization of heating systems through smart home technologies.

Save energy and costs with intelligent heating systems and automated energy management solutions for your home.

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1-6 of 6 Products

Energy and heating: intelligent solutions for a sustainable home.

Nowadays, the efficient use of energy is playing an increasingly important role in households. Smart home technologies offer advanced solutions to save energy and increase living comfort while minimizing the ecological footprint.

Individual room temperature control with intelligent radiator thermostats.

Smart radiator thermostats are a key component for efficient heating. These devices make it possible to control the temperature in each room individually. By adjusting the heat output to the actual demand, unnecessary energy consumption can be reduced, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also significantly reduces heating costs.

Energy efficiency through smart sockets.

Intelligent sockets are another important element in the smart home energy system. They make it possible to precisely monitor and control the energy consumption of connected appliances. Further energy savings can be achieved by switching appliances on and off in a targeted manner, depending on their use or preset time schedules.

Water-saving garden maintenance with automated irrigation control.


Not only energy efficiency in the home, but also in the garden can be improved with intelligent irrigation control systems. These systems regulate the distribution of water based on the actual needs of the plants and the climatic conditions. The result is a more economical use of water and optimized garden maintenance, which reduces water demand and energy consumption for pumping systems.

The combination of these intelligent devices not only makes energy management in the home simpler and more efficient, but also actively contributes to sustainability. Invest in smart home technologies for energy and heating to future-proof your home and save energy costs at the same time.