Initial configuration.

We set up the new Mac so that it can be started directly.


Get set up
and get started.


Want to make sure you get the most out of your new Mac or MacBook? Then take advantage of our expert initial setup service for your new Apple computer.

With DQ Solutions, you can be sure that your new Apple device will be set up quickly and efficiently so you can get started and get the most out of it right away. 

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Sequence of the initial configuration.

During the initial configuration of an Apple computer, the basic installation of the system software is one of the most important steps. This includes a quick test of all pre-installed components and updating the software. This ensures that everything works smoothly.

Subsequently, a user is set up to regulate access to the computer. This includes creating a user account with a username and password.

Once these steps are completed, the new Mac is ready to use and work can start right away.