Demo and refurbished devices

By purchasing a high-quality, used product, you contribute to sustainability in the IT sector.

All items are checked, repaired if necessary and cleaned by our authorized Apple technicians. We therefore provide a one-year DQ Solutions warranty.


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1-24 of 105 Products
1-24 of 105 Products

Explanation of the terms:

Refurbished = often as good as new, opened, repaired or exchanged at most. No longer sellable as new.

Demo = Unit was on display in our branches, inspected and tested.


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High quality refurbished and demo units.
Best value for smart shoppers.

Easy on the budget without sacrificing the latest technology? Our Apple refurbished and demo units are the answer. 

Buying from our refurbished and demo units is a smart choice for budget-conscious consumers looking for high-quality technology at affordable prices. Save money without sacrificing quality and performance.

By buying used products, we give Apple equipment a second chance, which reduces the need to produce new equipment. This helps extend the life of products and prevents premature disposal as e-waste

Buying our refurbished and demo units saves valuable resources that would otherwise be used for the production of new products. In addition, this leads to the avoidance of several tonnes of CO2 emissions that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere.

A wise and sustainable decision, isn't it?

Demo units.

Our demo units come mainly from our DQ stores. Therefore, they have no visual defects, as they were only in the branches. They can also be returns from customers who have changed their mind, with or without original packaging, which we have bought back from our customers.

In addition to Apple products such as MacBook Pro, iMac, iPad, Apple Watch, iPhone and Apple accessories such as Apple Watch wristbands, we also offer third-party products such as monitors, printers, speakers, headphones, SSD, hard disk, network components and other accessories.


Our refurbished devices are used devices that have been thoroughly checked, repaired and restored to perfect condition by our experts. This includes replacing defective parts, updating software and a thorough cleaning. Refurbished devices are an environmentally friendly option as they help reduce e-waste.

1 year warranty on our refurbished and demo units.

All equipment and accessories are checked by our service department before they are put back on sale. This ensures that the quality of the refurbished and demo items is impeccable.
We offer assurance of flawless operation with 1 year DQ Solutions warranty on these refurbished and demo units.

Receive by post or collect directly from the store.

All refurbished and demo units can be ordered online. At your choice, the desired unit will be delivered by post or can be collected from the selected DQ store.

The condition of the unit can be checked easily and without risk at the store.