AppleCare+ for Apple Watch.

Protect your Apple Watch with AppleCare+.

With AppleCare+ for Apple Watch models, you have up to two years of expert technical support and hardware protection, including unlimited accidental damage repairs, each of which is subject to an additional fee of CHF 69.– for the Apple Watch model. Protection begins on the date of purchase of AppleCare+.*

The benefits of AppleCare+ are separate from the consumer right granted in Switzerland under the Swiss Civil Code to receive a free repair, replacement, rebate or refund from the retailer within two years from the date of transfer if the product purchased does not conform to the purchase agreement at the time of transfer. Click here for more information.

Service and support, all from a single source.


Priority support from Apple experts via chat or phone


Local Apple hardware service when traveling worldwide


Express Exchange Service: Apple will ship you a replacement unit so you don't have to wait for repair*

Hardware protection that even covers accidental damage.


Your Apple Watch




Unlimited unintentional damage repairs, each subject to an additional charge of CHF 69.– for the Apple Watch*

Answers to all your Apple software questions.


Using watchOS


Software support for questions about Apple Watch apps from Apple


Connect to iPhone, including iOS and Apple Watch app

Legal information

AppleCare+ benefits are separate from and in addition to Apple's manufacturer's warranty and the applicable consumer protection laws of the country. Purchase of an Apple Watch does not require purchase of AppleCare+. AppleCare+ requires agreement to the terms of the contract. For full product details, please refer to the insurance product information sheet, the terms and conditions of coverage, and Apple's terms and conditions at

*Service is only available for Apple Watch and included original accessories or batteries that are less than 80% of their original capacity. Replacement parts or equipment provided by Apple as part of a repair or replacement may be new or previously used genuine Apple products that have been tested and meet Apple's functional requirements.

AppleCare+ coverage begins on the date of AppleCare+ purchase. Unintentional Damage means physical damage during operation as a result of unexpected and unintended events.

Local telephone charges may apply. Phone numbers and business hours may vary. Subject to change without notice.

Availability of each service option is dependent upon the country or region where service is requested and the location of the Apple Authorized Service Provider. Services may be subject to certain restrictions.

AppleCare+ products are offered by Apple Distribution International Limited with registered office at Hollyhill Industrial Estate, Hollyhill, Cork, Republic of Ireland. Apple Distribution International Limited is a sole proprietary agent of AIG Europe Limited, Opfikon branch. Apple Distribution International Limited has its registered office at Hollyhill Industrial Estate, Hollyhill, Cork, Republic of Ireland.

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The existing distribution cooperation of AIG Europe S.A. with Apple Distribution International Limited was approved by FINMA in a decision dated June 19, 2015 as a regulatory outsourcing within the meaning of Art. 4 para. 2 lit. J of the Swiss Insurance Supervision Act.