Pantone Color Systems – The global color standard.

The Pantone color language supports all industries where color plays an important role - from textiles, fashion and cosmetics to interior design, architecture and industrial design. There are more than 10 000 color standards for diverse media, including printing, textiles, plastics, pigments and coatings. Pantone standards are available in both digital and physical form.

Pantone Matching System for print products.

Graphic designers and print service providers have a simple, precise and global language for color communication. The system includes over 2300 colors with CMYK, HTML and RGB values for the Pantone Matching System (PMS) as well as spot and special colors.


Pantone Connect – The digital solution.

Pantone Connect is a digital platform that gives designers, producers and brand managers exclusive access to over 15 000 Pantone colors. Many helpful tools for creating, sharing and saving smart palettes are included. All market-relevant Pantone colors are integrated into the design workflow and can be used in Adobe design programs.


Replace color guides and chip books regularly.

If Pantone products have not been updated for a long time, this can cause problems during production. Yellowed pages of the fan lead to color deviations in the print, scratches and cracks interfere with the color selection. Pantone recommends that color guides and chip books be checked and updated regularly. 

Wear and its consequences.

Pantone color guides and chip books are manufactured to the highest standards. This means:

  • Sophisticated ink formulations can be consistently
  • Printing on commercially available offset papers (148 g/m², 118 g/m²)
  • Rigorous quality assurance during ongoing production

But nothing lasts forever. Handling, light, aging - factors like these gradually reduce color precision. That's why Pantone advises updating color guides every 12 to18 months, depending on usage intensity and storage conditions:

Handling = smudging from touch (natural skin oils), abrasion

  • Contact between pages = scratches, abrasion
  • Exposure to light = fading
  • Paper aging = yellowing
  • Humidity = accelerated paper aging

Pantone introduces itself.


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