Increase employee satisfaction with Mac.

The Mac increases productivity and employee satisfaction.

With devices that employees already know and love, they can work more easily, solve problems more creatively and collaborate seamlessly. And when employees get devices they love to work with, teams are more motivated to get the job done.

22% of macOS users exceed expectations in performance reviews compared to Windows users. And the turnover rate is 17% lower than for Windows users.1

Employees confirm that they can work more effectively with the technology of their choice.2

3 out of 4 employees would
choose Mac instead of PC.3

Why the Mac user experience is so good.

  • The Mac is child's play to use. 

  • Apple's chips make the Mac extremely powerful. 

  • The Mac works seamlessly with all other Apple devices. 

  • The best business apps also run on the Mac. 

  • It's fun to work with the Mac. 

Cost savings for the entire company.

  • Easy software updates: No software licences are required for macOS updates.
  • High residual value: With innovative financing options from Apple Financial Services, businesses can even take into account the higher residual value of the Mac upfront.
  • Intuitive to use: Mac users are able to do more with less help.
  • The best business apps also run on the Mac.
  • Easy to implement: Apple Business Manager reduces the workload of IT teams. 

Employees are of the opinion that the free choice of devices should become standard in companies.3

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