Agency and film production for real stories.

With an eye for the whole, Lauschsicht creates films and visual worlds, conceives solutions, experiments and takes responsibility. Be it together with a start-up full of heart and soul, for a real-time campaign – produced on location or for films commissioned by companies that want to make a difference.


From local storage to high-end NAS.

From local storage shared on the network to a Mac server to today's NAS solution. As an innovative film agency, Lauschsicht has worked with the whole range of technical possibilities in recent years.

For Lauschsicht, central storage must be reliable, secure, expandable and fast. So fast that an entire team can work with high-resolution footage. Sufficient storage space and a secure backup solution are also essential.

Lots of data.

In today's world, where more and more data is being produced, it is extremely important, especially in the field of filmmaking, to be able to rely on the data carriers on set and the data storage in the studio.

Sometimes there is only one way to get the right shot into the camera and then save it, and a loss of data here would be fatal.


High-end NAS solution.

After extensive discussions with Lauschsicht, Synology and Seagate, it quickly became clear that we were entering new territory in the filmmaking sector with a high-end NAS solution.

We ended up using the Synology FS6400 NAS with an expansion unit, which offers a very good balance between performance, price and ease of use, as well as the Seagate IronWolf SSD and HDD products.


After the installation, the interaction of all components showed an impressive performance – 1GB per second on three high-end workstations in parallel – you can work with that.


Dedicated solutions for all creative sectors.

Because of the great collaboration between all the stakeholders, we can now offer dedicated solutions for the creative industry. So they can create and we do the technology.