School Lütisburg.

The school in the centre of the village.

The Lütisburg school accommodates pupils from kindergarten to sixth grade. The teaching is innovative, integrative and individualised.

The school building in the centre of the village.

Our school building is located in the centre of the village, and we have three kindergarten and six primary school classes. We teach around 180 children from the village itself, but also from the widely scattered hamlets of the municipality. It is important to us to organise lessons in an innovative, integrative and individual way.

Digital development.

The digital development of our school was also innovative. We purchased half a class set of laptops back in 2006. Now, the question naturally arisen whether we should continue to work with laptops or switch to tablets. At the beginning, we had to decide which device would offer added value for our school in the classroom.

That's why we decided in favour of the iPad.

We were already using Surface and iPad and therefore decided in favour of the iPad. The simple and self-explanatory technology of the iPad ensures that the focus is not on the device, but on the lesson content. It enables us to organise lessons that are up-to-date, student-activating and varied. It is very intuitive and easy to use. In addition to the pedagogical aspects, the battery life, speed and price were also decisive factors in our decision.

How our 84 devices are managed.

At school, we use MDM as an administration tool. This allows updates, apps, profiles and other things to be distributed quickly and easily.

We currently have 84 iPads in use. We use 24 of them from kindergarten up to and including year 4. The remaining 60 are divided between Year 5 and 6. There we work according to the one-to-one principle. This means that each child has their own device.

We mainly use apps that support creative and productive work. The app selection for the shared iPads, i.e. kindergarten to year 4, is very different from the one-to-one devices. While we also offer some learning apps on the shared iPads, in Year 5 and 6 we mainly focus on producing, designing and researching.

Why DQ Solutions?


«Our ICT officer receives technical and pedagogical support, and I know that this enables her to make optimum use of her resources and the time made available to the school. When planning and implementing the project at the Lütisburg school, values such as accessibility, data protection, integration and sustainability were considered. The best technical solution and the need for educational support were determined in joint discussions. DQ Solutions is a great support at all levels, and we are very much looking forward to continuing our collaboration.»

Jeannette Gygax