Lindenpark Surgery.

Medicine by people for people.

The quality of excellent medical care combined with individual, human communication and continuous personal care until the treatment is completed.

Offer and treatment concept.

The comprehensive treatment concept of the Lindenpark Surgery is chosen in such a way that, in addition to the diagnosis, the choice of therapies and a possible operation, the rehabilitation and the healing process are also accompanied. Together with the patient, they discuss, design and decide which type of therapy is suitable - for transparent medical support.

siMed as the first choice.

In the founding phase, Lindenpark Surgery compared various products. Here, siMed convinced with its simple interface and user-friendliness. The possibility to switch to the cloud is also a great advantage.

Apple user from the very beginning.

As an Apple user from the very beginning, Dr Mischa Wiegand worked on all his scientific papers and his dissertation on Apple devices. Working within the devices (continuity), security and productivity played a major role in setting up the practice, along with aesthetics and user-friendliness. Thus it was clear that they would use Apple computers.

Why DQ Solutions?


«The fast and smooth installation, as well as the system training of our staff and the day-to-day support in case of problems, make DQ Solutions a reliable partner.»

Dr. med. Mischa Wiegand

Specialist for Surgery FMH and Hand Surgery FMH