The iPad: as versatile as the tasks in companies.


A powerful partner for business.

No matter how or where teams work, the iPad supports every business. Employees can multitask across multiple apps with Split View, scan and sign documents on the go, handwrite with Apple Pencil and Scribble, and use hundreds of built-in features and thousands of third-party apps relevant to business.


Unique features.

Hardware and software are perfectly matched to create a unique user experience - you interact with the data, not the technology. With just a few taps, you can share contacts with a nearby colleague via AirDrop, present your ideas to a group via AirPlay Mirroring and AppleTV, or show what you're seeing yourself with FaceTime. Only with iPadOS.

Excellent user experience.

iPadOS delivers experiences designed specifically for iPad's capabilities. With powerful and intuitive updates to Apple Pencil, apps, augmented reality (AR) and keyboard or trackpad support, there are entirely new ways to interact with iPad.

Innovative apps integrated.

iPadOS and more and more features and integrated apps make the iPhone and iPad even more powerful and innovative, and make them even better for work. Apps like Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Reminders and Notes give employees everything they need to work on the go and never miss a business opportunity.

Cloud services.

Countless cloud services are seamlessly integrated into iPadOS. Standards such as iCloud, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox or G-Suite work as usual. The exchange with colleagues or customers ensures a fast exchange. Location-independent.


App Store.

The App Store has standard apps for almost all business tasks. Apps can be purchased in bulk and easily distributed throughout the organisation. Users benefit from a pleasant experience and IT can be confident that all apps have been verified by Apple to work correctly. In other words, these apps just work.


B2B apps made to measure.

iOS is the perfect platform for in-house app development. Apple provides world-class developer resources that enable businesses to create apps. With custom apps, it's possible to automate workflows, securely access proprietary content, develop compelling customer solutions and more.


Easy implementation.

With Apple Business Manager, devices can be distributed directly to employees and used immediately after unpacking. No manual configuration is required. Whether an organisation has ten or ten thousand Apple devices, Apple Business Manager makes management simple and secure. Apple Business Manager also works with Microsoft Azure Active Directory, so everyone can access Apple services with their existing account details.


Seamless software updates.

Through an integrated approach, iPadOS offers great support for software updates. As software evolves and new features are added, updates are immediately available to all devices, so users and IT departments benefit immediately from new features. All iPadOS software updates are provided free of charge, on the same day. For a wide range of supported devices and models.