Public Transport Basel.

For a business and cultural city like Basel, efficient public transport is indispensable. With its dense network of routes and short intervals, BVB has been promoting the mobility of people in the city and the surrounding agglomeration for 125 years and connecting Basel with neighbouring countries. It helps to relieve road traffic and thus contributes to a high quality of life and protection of the environment.


Modern and innovative.

To ensure the sustainable success of the company, BVB is continuously modernising its fleet and will convert the entire bus fleet to e-buses by 2027. It is also investing in innovative solutions that make work easier for employees. In the course of its digitalisation, BVB has therefore procured around 900 iPads for its employees in the driving service.

The iPad as a daily work tool.

With the use of the iPads, the processes could be optimised and the preparation time for the driving service employees could be minimised considerably. Information that previously had to be painstakingly obtained on paper is now automatically transferred to the iPad.


The first electric Basel tramcar, Ce 2/2 1, in April or May 1895


Zero-Touch Deployment.

Zero-touch deployment made it possible to roll out the iPads to all staff quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. After only five days, around 70 per cent of all devices were already successfully in operation and there were hardly any logistical returns among the 900 devices delivered.

Why DQ Solutions?


«The cooperation with DQ Solutions was very cooperative and uncomplicated. DQ Solutions showed itself to be very agile and strongly supported BVB, for example, in the development of the shipping process, which turned out to be more complex than expected. The project also experienced a smooth execution thanks to DQ Solutions.»

Martin Detig

ICT Project Manager