The pillars of our sustainability strategy.

We want to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment at all our locations. Our environmental guidelines are based on global conventions and industry standards.

Commitment to the climate.

With our commitment to climate protection, we avoid and reduce greenhouse gas emissions together with partners from various sectors and take responsibility for the minimised emissions. We also invest in climate protection projects and reforestation campaigns around the world.

Targeted waste management.

Thanks to our targeted waste management both in our sales outlets and at our head office, we have been able to significantly increase our recycling rate in recent years. A large amount of waste is recyclable material that we collect in unmixed form and which is then processed into new raw materials. We separate 12 different recyclable materials. In order to keep the recycling rate high and thus systematically protect the environment, we would like to increase it even further if possible.

We support the following projects.