Apple Business Manager:
Device management made easy.



Devices registered in Apple Business Manager can be automatically set up via Mobile Device Management (MDM). In addition, the set-up process can be optimised and customised for employees.


Buying apps and books for employees is easy. And companies can also provide their own apps within the organisation.


It is possible to create managed Apple IDs for employees and assign permissions to IT teams. With federated authentication, employees can be connected to Microsoft Azure or Google Workspace.

Advantages for
the IT department:

  • Enables a fully automated deployment process (zero-touch deployment).

  • Enables easy, streamlined management remotely.

  • Enables wireless configuration remotely.

  • Provides enrolment options to suit specific requirements.

  • Balances security and personalisation.

  • Provides simple, flexible app distribution.

for users:

  • Allows configuration straight out of the box.

  • Optimises the initial set-up of the device via the system wizard.

  • Allows personalisation of devices with apps.


DQ Workshop: Managed Workplace.

How employees can work more efficiently with Managed Workplace.

Workplace management means having a specialist operate or look after the work equipment and support systems for employees. In a half-day workshop, we work together to identify all the necessary steps for implementing a Managed Workplace in your company.

DQ Workshop: Deployment Optimisation.

How staff can get up and running faster with zero-touch device provisioning. 

Zero-touch deployment enables the onboarding and provisioning of new devices without the need for a technician to manually configure the device in person. In a half-day workshop, we work together to identify all the necessary steps to implement zero-touch deployment in your organisation.