Intelligent networking at home.

Smart home technologies for a simple and secure life.

The future of living is being revolutionized by smart home technologies. Intelligent lighting and heating control, automated security systems and more make the home efficient, safe and comfortable. Integrating these technologies saves energy and makes everyday life much easier.

Optimizing everyday life with smart home technologies.

In a world where technology and convenience go hand in hand, smart home systems offer an efficient solution to simplify daily life. These systems integrate a variety of functions and products that fall into different categories to cater to every aspect of home comfort.

Climate control in the home for healthy living.

With products such as weather stations, rain gauges, wind gauges and indoor climate and air analyzers, the weather is precisely monitored both indoors and outdoors. Temperature and indoor air sensors help to keep the indoor climate optimal at all times.

Efficient energy management and heating systems.

Intelligent sockets and radiator thermostats optimize energy consumption. Irrigation control systems automate garden maintenance, save time and conserve resources.

Comprehensive security systems for your home.

Modern technologies such as smoke detectors, motion detectors, indoor and outdoor cameras, contact sensors and door intercom systems offer protection and security around the clock.

Innovative lighting concepts for every mood.

From portable LED lamps to LED light strips and Nanoleafs - these lighting solutions allow you to create an individual atmosphere in any room.

High-quality audio experiences throughout the home.

The range from AirPlay-enabled streaming adapters to high-quality speakers enhances the audiovisual experience and creates a pleasant acoustic environment.

Health monitoring made easy.

Products such as scales, blood pressure monitors and sleep trackers help you to keep an eye on your health and adjust your lifestyle accordingly.

Central control through smart home hubs.

Apple HomePod and Apple TV 4K form the heart of home automation and enable easy management of all networked devices.

By integrating these diverse smart home products into everyday life, convenience can be significantly increased, energy efficiency improved and security enhanced. A smart home thus offers a comprehensive solution that meets the requirements of modern households and promotes a sustainable lifestyle.