As a Swiss company, DQ Solutions wants to contribute to a sustainable and ethically responsible future. This Code of Conduct describes how DQ Solutions treats social, ethical and ecological principles.

The principles listed apply to all DQ Solutions employees. We also expect all suppliers, partners and subcontractors to be able to identify with these principles and to comply with them.

1. Compliance with assurances

We honour our commitments and assurances to all contacts and we do not promise anything that we do not intend to keep. You can rely on our word. Should the fulfilment of an obligation or promise nevertheless prove to be unfeasible, we will inform the parties concerned openly and without being asked and seek a solution that is satisfactory to all parties.

2. Compliance with laws and regulations

We fully comply with laws, regulations and other mandatory standards. In borderline cases, we refrain from an activity or refrain from a transaction. All employees, and especially line managers, are obliged to inform themselves about laws and regulations in their area of activity. Some particularly sensitive areas are listed below:

Environmental protection

We protect natural resources and the environment in our business activities. We minimise our energy consumption, operate an active packaging and waste management system and promote a circular economy. We use optimised transport routes and offset the resulting emissions. We also promote more sustainable mobility. Employees must take the necessary precautions to protect the environment in their work.

Occupational safety, health and safety

We are all responsible for ensuring safety, health and personal integrity in the workplace by complying with occupational health and safety regulations and practices. All employees must strictly observe the relevant legal regulations and internal rules and ensure that the health of employees, customers, their employees and the general public is not jeopardised. Employees who observe the disregard of safety regulations, the improper handling of hazardous substances or any other risk to health or occupational safety are required to inform their line manager and, if necessary, the safety officer.

Human rights, child labour, forced and slave labour

We are committed to complying with the UN Convention on Human Rights of 1948 and do not tolerate child, forced or slave labour.

Fair competition and ban on cartels

We treat our contractual partners, above all our customers and suppliers, fairly. No employee should gain an undue competitive advantage for themselves or the company through manipulation, deception, misuse of confidential information entrusted to them or other unfair behaviour.

Cartel agreements can lead to high fines and claims for damages from the injured parties (e.g. customers). DQ Solutions and its employees comply with the applicable antitrust and competition regulations. In particular, agreements with competitors on the fixing of prices or other terms and conditions, the restriction of delivery or purchase quantities or the division of customers or markets are prohibited.

Finance and accounting

We comply with the statutory regulations and internal directives relating to accounting, financial planning, financial control and reporting consistently and at all times. All information required for financial management is properly recorded, processed and archived. In particular, no funds or other assets may be received or utilised that are not properly recorded in the books and in accordance with local laws.

Taxes, duties and wages

We comply with all applicable tax and duty laws. We pay all legally required and/or contractually agreed social security contributions and taxes in accordance with local laws. In addition, we are committed to the timely payment of wages customary in the industry and to equal pay.

Public announcements

The public announcement of key financial figures, financial results and other results and other important company information is made exclusively by the management.

Bribery and corruption

We refrain from any kind of bribery and conduct our business in a fair manner. We rely on the quality of our products and services and the technical knowledge and consulting expertise of our employees.

Employees who are offered personal advantages by suppliers, agents or consultants in return for concluding a business deal are obliged to decline the offer and inform their line manager.

Data protection and protection of privacy

DQ Solutions protects personal data and the privacy of its employees in accordance with the currently valid Swiss Data Protection Act. This also applies to data of customers, suppliers or other contractual partners that become known in the course of the business relationship.


3. Intellectual property and trade secrets

Intellectual property

We respect the intellectual property rights of third parties and at the same time endeavour to protect our rights to our own ideas and work products. We ensure that all work products and the intellectual property rights associated with them (e.g. copyrights, trademarks and patent rights) belong to the employer, insofar as this does not conflict with mandatory law. 

Business secrets

In addition to the ideas and work products protected by intellectual property rights, we possess large amounts of confidential information and know-how such as calculations, price lists, customer bases, software source codes, business plans and strategies. This information is the property of the company. It must be protected against unauthorised access, treated confidentially and may not be used privately. Disclosure to third parties is only permitted within the scope of business transactions authorised by the management and must be protected by the conclusion of confidentiality agreements.

The obligation to treat business secrets confidentially remains in force even after the employment relationship has ended. 

4. Business-relevant documents

Preparation of business-relevant documents

All company documents, especially those that commit the company, must be prepared carefully and must be truthful. Misleading, offensive or unobjective statements are not permitted. With the exception of insignificant day-to-day business transactions, declarations binding the company must always be signed and released by two authorised persons wherever possible (dual control principle).

Retention of business-relevant documents

All business-related documents (business books, accounting documents, business correspondence including e-mails, contracts, personnel documents, etc.) must be stored in accordance with internal guidelines and the applicable legal regulations.

5. Personal behaviour


Success comes from working together. We are committed to providing a working environment characterised by equal opportunities and free from discrimination and harassment. We therefore expect all employees to behave loyally and decently towards the company, other employees and business partners and their employees. Demeaning, malicious or intimidating behaviour, derogatory remarks about employees because of their ethnicity, race, religion or sexual orientation, sexually harassing behaviour, discrimination and any other violation of personality will not be tolerated. Supervisors who observe such behaviour are obliged to take action against it.

Gifts and invitations

We conduct our business with integrity and transparency and not on the basis of favours that we have obtained through personal benefits. Therefore, offering or accepting sums of money, non-cash benefits or items of value in dealings with authorities or customers, suppliers or other business partners is not permitted. Only the acceptance or giving of occasional gifts of low value (promotional gifts, small tokens of appreciation) is permitted. In the case of invitations to business events, care must be taken to ensure that these are appropriate, i.e. proportionate to the occasion, and are not associated with more extensive private invitations or travel. This applies both when we ourselves are the host and when our employees are invited, e.g. by suppliers. 

Dealing with social media

The use of social media channels is part of communication with our customers at DQ Solutions. We ensure responsible behaviour by applying internal guidelines.

Personal benefits and conflicts of interest

Under no circumstances may the position at DQ Solutions be utilised for personal gain or for the gain of a third party.

Business decisions and actions on behalf of the company must be based exclusively on the interests of the company and must not be motivated by personal interests or relationships. Conflicts of interest that may arise from an overlap of tasks and responsibilities in the company with the private sphere or from close relationships with customers, suppliers or other contractual partners or their employees must be disclosed.

6. Questions about this Code of Conduct

We foster a culture of openness and transparency at DQ Solutions. For some aspects covered in this Code of Conduct, it is easy to distinguish right from wrong or right from wrong and to act accordingly. In our day-to-day business, however, we are also confronted with questions and situations where the legally correct or appropriate behaviour from a business ethics perspective is not always obvious. Nor can this Code of Conduct cover all issues that may arise in day-to-day business. If it is unclear how to proceed in a specific case, the issue should be addressed openly so that a broad-based solution can be sought and damage to the company can be averted.

Employees should contact their line manager if they are unsure or in doubt about the correct procedure.

7. Sanctions

Disciplinary or other measures may be taken against employees who violate this Code of Conduct. This may also include termination of the employment relationship.

8. Reporting violations

All employees are entitled and encouraged to contact their line manager, with or without naming their name, if they feel they have been treated improperly or if they observe or seriously suspect a violation of this Code of Conduct.

If the line manager is not the appropriate person, e.g. because they themselves have violated the principles of this Code of Conduct, the next higher-ranking line manager or, depending on the issue, the responsible department head or the Managing Director should be informed.

Reports may also be addressed to the Compliance Officer at

Reports will be treated confidentially, provided this does not make it impossible to clarify the matter reported. Reports of improper behaviour made in good faith will not lead to disadvantages in the employment relationship. The deliberate misuse of the reporting system or the untruthful denunciation of other persons will not be tolerated and will result in disciplinary and, if necessary, other measures.

9. Review and updating

DQ Solutions undertakes to review the Code of Conduct regularly and at least once a year and to update it if necessary.