Data migration.

The effort required to migrate data is often underestimated.


Mac zu Mac Migration.


When you decide to buy a new Apple device, it is important that the data transfer goes smoothly. However, problems can quickly arise during the data transfer if it is not performed by a professional. Various software, settings and accounts do not work automatically after the migration and have to be configured manually. This can be very time-consuming and frustrating. This is where we are happy to offer support.

We are professionals and know exactly how to make the data transfer as easy as possible. We check software and accounts to make sure everything is working smoothly. With us, the data transfer is in the best hands.

Requirements for a Mac to Mac migration.

To perform a Mac-to-Mac migration, you need a device that works properly.

Defective or very old devices, or damaged data will be processed only after consultation and without guarantee of success, as well as charged according to effort.

After making an appointment and handing in the old device, the new Mac will be ready for use within two working days.