Purchase of equipment.

It's easy to do something for sustainability: Put a down payment on your old equipment to buy a new one.

Time for something new.

By means of technical inspection, the value of a device is determined. DQ Solutions offers a voucher card or a discount on a new purchase. Unfortunately, cash payment is not possible. The old device is reconditioned for further use.

Conditions for the purchase of equipment.

Which Apple devices are purchased is shown in the purchase tool. If your device is already significantly older and no longer has any value, we will of course dispose of it professionally upon request.

  • The device must work (hardware test is performed by our technology).
  • The battery power must be at least 80% for all devices (test is carried out by our technology).
  • The issued voucher can be redeemed in all our stores.
  • If you have more than 3 devices, please ask our service staff for an individual purchase offer.