Our contribution to climate protection.

Offsetting transport emissions. CO2 emissions in connection with climate change are a matter of concern for the 
the economy. We also rely on transportation in our operations. That is why we have decided to 
to offset all emissions caused by shipping between our logistics centers and our stores. 
In this, myclimate helps us as an experienced offsetting partner.

Our collaboration
with myclimate.

Thanks to the cooperation with myclimate, we offset the CO2 emissions caused. The offsetting of transport emissions takes place through the support of a portfolio of international carbon offset projects.

The projects supported by myclimate meet the highest standards (Gold Standard, Plan Vivo) and thus contribute to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) of the UN.

In addition to the targeted reduction of greenhouse gases,
myclimate also supports educational and advisory projects in developing and emerging countries. This promotes social, ecological and economic development in various regions.

DQ Solutions supports among others the following
international myclimate projects: