Configure MacBook Air M1:

Select purchase option

Pay the full amount at checkout or benefit from the ReFresh advantages. With ReFresh, you can return your appliance at the end of the term to benefit from a lower installment payment today.

Choose color.

The M1 chip.

The M1 chip has four fast and four efficient processor cores. Seven graphics cores and a 16-core Neural Engine ensure the top performance which is completely silent thanks to cooling via the case, without a fan.

Choose RAM size.

The fast working memory with 8 GB is a good compromise for the beginner - 16 GB is a future-proof choice that many simultaneously opened applications can benefit from.

Choose storage.

We recommend selecting a storage capacity which is at least 50% to 100% larger than the storage occupied in the current device. This way you have reserves for tomorrow.

Choose your keyboard language.

The standard keyboard in Switzerland is "CH" - with German and French umlauts. The German as well as the US-English keyboard are also popular and often available from stock in various variants.

MacBook with other language layouts are ordered on customer request and only after prior payment; these have at least 4 - 8 weeks delivery time and are NOT cancelable.

Choose Pickup & Repair.

Onsite pickup* of the defective device on the next working day by the DQ logistics service provider and return shipment after the repair.

*The transport box for collection will be sent to you after telephone notification of the defect.